There is a great deal to say about my “doggie” header image.  So much that it will need to appear as a future “RAQ” detailing the genesis of tragic dog video’s unifying vision.

But for now, the nuts and bolts behind the graphic. 

The image is a tad enigmatic. Lacking in relatable context, it leaves the typical reader bewildered without being outright disconcerted. We get the same effect from strange Japanese pop culture motifs or role play that don’t quite align with reality, while containing enough elements of our reality for us to hold it close to our world despite its slightly alien flavor.

The header graphic (and one which I’ve used increasingly as my icon in the internet wild) is this:

tragic dog video


The “frame” is a file named “film fido” and is a cell from a 4-panel comic I found last year.  I was struck by the deeply existential poignancy of this quirky strip.

In the scheme of this blog’s birth, the name came first. 

The name did not lead to a blog idea, however. I had no intention of starting this until tragic dog video triggered a concept after I met this comic:

tragic dog

I added a little Photoshop snip-snip, paste-paste, trim-trim and voila: my blog header.