It’s a long story in my own mind, but it’s really not, outside of my mind.

But since most of my writing is intertwined with my mind, this can go on.

The nuts and bolts of this blog’s name are uninspired and anti-climatic.  Lacking depth or abstraction, I shamefully recount.

See, at the risk of exposing too much personal data for no apparent good reason (I don’t care about being doxed (because I’m sure my real identity is of such importance to no one on the internet) but I don’t go out of my way to reveal my identity), I’m not so repressed and timid that I clamp down my expression to the point of excessive self-censorship because I’m petrified my personal info might “get out”. I will say my job is largely centered around a software platform most have probably not heard of.  Periodically, my employer installs a major software upgrade which requires user testing on the part of regular employee users to ensure it doesn’t fall apart when it goes live.

And I, lucky I, am a “regular” round of testers who gets drawn in every time there is a major upgrade.  This by virtue of my alleged familiarity and skillfulness with the software, a “superuser” if you will buy that, plus I’m one of the few people who commits without a fuss (most likely the real reason).   I’m easy fodder who doesn’t say no.

So one recent weekend, I logged in (working from home has its drawbacks and perks, depending on your outlook and sycophancy) and began my testing.  I had put it off and the deadline was quickly approaching.  One of the testing routines involves setting up project and naming it – vague enough, right?

I usually use a name that is not horribly inspired.  Something like “David’s Test Project.”  Very original, but it’s software testing. What do you expect?

Anyhow, this time around, perhaps it was working from home since March that did it, but my creativity was flowing, erupting.  I came up with several evocative names but none quite fit.  I needed an experimental name. Assuredly not David’s Test Project now.

In a sudden burst of inspiration, it hit me.  “Tragic Dog Videos!”

I laughed and immediately set up the experiment module.

I laughed and told my wife but she didn’t find the humor or amusement.  In fact, she lightly scolded but I was unmoved;   there’s no accounting for good dark humor.

That’s it.

Oh, I decided to make it the singular “Tragic Dog Video” for the sake of this blog. The tone is much different and more appropriate, a key point I will touch upon in other installments of my RAQ’s.