Today’s word of the day: “disingenuous”

And while we’re on the subject, the synonym of the day is “MSNBC

Trump Babbitt

I’d like to ask MSNBC: what does it feel like to accuse Donald Trump of opportunistically “martyrizing” Ashli Babbitt while in the same breath conspicuously disregarding that the “martyrization” of George Floyd benefited many racial justice piranhas intent on exploiting his death?

Willful ignorance is a pitiful thing but some are such adept practitioners that they fool even themselves into sheer obliviousness.

Joy Reid

MSNBC has picked Joy Reid to fill one of the network’s most important pieces of real estate, the 7 p.m. hour that was vacated by longtime host Chris Matthews in early March.

When Reid debuts her new show, “The ReidOut,” on July 20, she will become the only black woman to host a daily prime-time cable news program, a designation that takes on particular significance amid the industry-wide reckoning spawned by the killing of George Floyd and the nationwide protests that followed.

“It’s pretty overwhelming,” Reid said in an interview with The Washington Post. “It is a huge responsibility.”


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