Sophia Ankel: strong female journalist busts barriers, and belts

That pernicious (and very chronic) Trump Derangement Syndrome possessing this country’s sanity might more aptly be named Trump Derangement Disorder. The symptoms are many but the one immutable indication is a state of absolute, blind preposterous. Once mired in this deep spiral of self-engulfing thought patterns, subjects lose all context and pragmatic frame of reference. Most examples in 2021 run the gamut of “who gives a shit?” to “yawn, doesn’t matter.”

From the “who gives a shit?” end of the spectrum, I bring you this startling investigatory revelation.

Trump lost weight out of office because he no longer has access to the 24-hour White House kitchen, former aide says

It’s reassuring to my expectations of an open and transparent society that our news media devotes its resources to the national predicament of an ex-President’s weight and diet.

I usually don’t post comments I make elsewhere, but this time, I will.

Trump OCD

As a sane outsider, all I can do is watch from afar.

There is so much madness to choose from on today’s political landscape.

From Mike Lindell’s schizophrenic yarns of high-level political machinations to anti-Trump examples like the above. “Journalist” Sophia Ankel’s reporting prowess in extracting this information from Jason Miller is a study in journalism such as I’ve rarely witnessed.

Sophia Ankel

Thanks to Ms. Ankel, President Trump’s girth is no longer a nationally guarded secret.

I am a better citizen for it.




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