Prentiss Madden: portrait of a very undistinguished gentleman

Prentiss Madden is not the worst guy.

Look, no one is perfect.

Don’t forget what the good Book told us about casting the first stone. Or what other sages scold us about glass houses.

Prentiss Madden may not be pure of heart, but are you?

Prentiss Madden

Prentiss is an alright fellow if you keep him away from animals, children, computer images and video files, and all combinations of the above.

He was considered “charismatic” prior to March. Charismatic is a descriptor that is ambiguous when used in an isolated context. Charisma does not denote good or bad. Attempts to pencil it in as praise are a dubious ploy to reclaim a battered reputation.

Madden’s reputation is beyond battered. Some light years beyond…

On Friday, Madden sat in Miami federal court as a pariah — guilty of possessing thousands of child porn images of male infants and toddlers engaged in sex with adults and of making several videos of himself having sex with dogs and sharing them through social media on the internet.

If that doesn’t send your stomach into a spiral, keep reading. Madden continues insane measures of stratospheric perversion.

In addition to finding voluminous child porn images on his iPhone, federal agents discovered “videos created by Madden depicting himself engaged in ‘animal crushing’ as well as social media chats discussing [them],” [federal prosecutor Christopher] Hudock said during a previous court hearing.

Madden was charged under a federal law that outlaws animal abuse, one that was initially created in 2010 in response to a genre of cruelty in which people video record the harming of animals for the sexual gratification of viewers — known as “animal crushing.”

Madden and dogs

In the best of times Madden’s photographs would offer cute glimpses of a veterinarian enjoying the accompaniment of his furry patients. However, given the dreadful context, these photographs are elevated to new levels of unbelievable deviance.

Thankfully, the article ends before any more revelations find their way out the barrel as this character named Madden is even more hideously unveiled.

But it could be worse.

In addition to sexually abusing animals and children, and trading in hellish imagery of small animals and insects being ground into the ground by Asian women in pointy heels, Madden could have also been guilty of sexually harassing adult women.

That would have unforgivable and truly deserving of a public uproar overshadowing all others.




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