George Floyd would be eating bugs in a mud hut if it wasn’t for Christopher Columbus

My wife is not Woke. Let me put that out there. She is a GenXer and her outlook predates the Identity Liberalism of ensuing generations. She is largely a political relic of the early 70’s and though she is nowhere near the extreme right-winger I am, she clings to many traditional unyielding views which don’t humor modern society’s flightiness.

Still, she does occasionally drift into the Woke Zone, courtesy of her general disinterest in political matters and immersion in pop culture which is the perpetual harbinger of today’s fads of Identity Liberalism which seek to unearth common sense and reason by pillaging of pillars of history. Her Woke transgressions have been a source of heated tension, but I’m reasonable enough to shut up since no marriage is worth the stress of a halfhearted political disagreement, especially when one party doesn’t really care that much other than reciting regurgitated pop culture tropes.

On Thursday we were talking about a mutual acquaintance’s good fortune. He gloated that the company he works for is giving employees tomorrow (October 11) off.

She and I both made envious sounds and wondered what it would be like to get a “holiday” like Columbus Day off. “No one gets that,” I pondered bitterly.

I was dismayed to note her lapse into a sanctimonious Identity Liberalism narrative of the type repeated like a whiny mantra by certain groups.

She scoffed that our mutual acquaintance’s company has chose to observe Columbus Day.

“They won’t give them MLK Day but they do give them a day of for an invader and murderer.”

I replied, “If it wasn’t for Christopher Columbus, there would be no Martin Luther King.”

I strategically held back a follow up point.

“…or a George Floyd.”

Complaining and whining is not a birthright.

Discoverers and bold surveyors create the slate which we use to wave our privileges upon; everyone else is just pissing in the wind.

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