More fuel for the NBA’s “image problem.”

I would concur that the NBA has an “image problem” but since such a loaded assertion, due to the league’s excessive demographic profile, straddles the unkind and unpopular racial zone, it might be more palatable to assert NBA players are victims of racism, (childhood) poverty and (childhood) broken homes.

Perhaps they are overpaid ghetto prima dona ballers now, but this is predominantly the result of a societally biased upbringing.

There, that should coast by the censors, but between you and me, don’t these guys make enough as professional NBA players that they don’t need to sink into old childhood frames?

As the scorpion said, “I couldn’t help it. It’s in my nature.”

NBA Benefits scam 1

Eighteen former NBA players were arrested and charged Thursday with defrauding the NBA’s Health and Welfare Benefit Plan out of $4 million, officials said.

Those charged face a count of conspiracy to commit health care and wire fraud.

Four million dollars should cover it. Call it “payback” for all the cultural repressions and wrong-doings.  Maybe even a nod to George Floyd’s funeral expenses.


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