Rule 0101 of the internet: Your toys are Their tools

There’s an uproar over this revelation.

A bit of a tempest in a boiling cauldron of piss, if you ask me.

The U.S. government is reportedly secretly issuing warrants for Google to provide user data on anyone typing in certain search terms, raising fears that innocent online users could get caught up in serious crime investigations at a greater frequency than previously thought.

In an attempt to track down criminals, federal investigators have started using new “keyword warrants” and used them to ask Google to provide them information on anyone who searched a victim’s name or their address during a particular year, an accidentally unsealed court document that Forbes found shows.

Google has to respond to thousands of warrant orders each year, but the keyword warrants are a relatively new strategy used by the government and are controversial.

I’m not downplaying it at all; that was the reason for my play on the wording of old phrase to start this post.

Google is watching

Of course I’m disgusted by the parasitic complicity of Big Tech and governmental law enforcement, but I’m not surprised. No one should be surprised. Any collective uproar is merely catharsis. We get worked up from an inexorable slide into Big Brotherism that we know is rocketing toward present society. Technology is great for consumers and lazy people, but a curse for our liberty. There is no thwarting this cultural momentum. So “news” like this is revealed and the dramatic reaction is predictable, but it serves no constructive purpose other than emotional purging. The system is in place and maintained possessively by the ruling complex. Technology is a toy for the masses, a tool for the elites.

The falsity and facades of truth continue:

The government said that the scope of the warrants is limited to avoid implicating innocent people who happen to search for certain terms, but it’s not publicly disclosed how many users’ data are sent to the government and what the extent of the warrant requests are.

Google has defended its decision to respond to the warrants and said it protects users when doing so.

“As with all law enforcement requests, we have a rigorous process that is designed to protect the privacy of our users while supporting the important work of law enforcement,” a Google spokesperson said.

There are two innate components of technological evolution.

Firstly, if the technology is available, it will be inevitably used by the powerful to sublimate the masses who are too awed by the consumerist spectacle offered by this very technology to notice that it is also being used to hollow their soul.

Secondly, the powerful will offer the technology as a safeguarding mechanism that is serving to uphold the very liberties it is strangling.

These are pragmatic rules of our digital world that should accompany others, like Rule 34.

We can call this one Rule 0101: If a new “invention” increases the efficiency of your internet information gathering, it makes everyone’s more efficient. It’s a zero-sum game so be cautious before you get caught up in the novelties of your digital do-dads.





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