Barry Washington Jr., victim of a bullet or of hate?

The shooting death of Barry Washington Jr. on Saturday, September 18, is an event rife with potential for timely racial tension and self-righteous pronouncements by the Woketariat across America.  The only thing preventing a more publicized urban outcry is that this happened in Bend, Oregon.

Bend is not exactly Chicago or Atlanta.

In fact, today I learned there are black people in central Oregon.
Like Barry.

Barry Washington Jr

On that fateful Saturday night, Washington was out with friends at a Bend bar and paid a random compliment to a woman, which is a velvety “Daryl” black dude method to hit on a girl. Complimenting girls smoothly is way to work into unchartered territory without creating waves. It’s plausible deniability on the bar scene.  If she’s taken or not interested, it can be cast as a compliment, nothing more. It’s a slick way of neutralizing the creep quotient. Autists cannot spin compliments as smoothly as a Daryl so it will not trigger female hackles. Washington’s unfortuante obstacle was that the girl he complimented, Alison Butler, was in fact there with a boyfriend. His name was Ian MacKenzie Cranston and he was packing.

Washington apparently drifted away and the nothing more came of this encounter.  A little while later, escalation doom struck outside the bar and Cranston “unpacked” his deadly load.

Later, shortly after midnight, [Deschutes County District Attorney John] Hummel said Washington Jr. approached the same woman again, this time on the street corner outside the bar. Hummel said it’s unclear if Washington Jr. recognized her, but he complimented her once more.


Let me set it straight for you: Washington’s Daryl act was most likely blurred by alcohol later on and his compliments were no longer velvety. There was nothing “accidental” about his follow-up compliments of Butler.

“There’s no evidence that what Mr. Washington did when he approached the woman was inappropriate,” Hummel explained. “There’s not an allegation that he groped her, grabbed her, was crass with her. He complimented her in a respectful manner. She was fine back. She said, ‘No, thank you. I’m flattered but I’m in a relationship.’ No allegation that anything Mr. Washington did was inappropriate.”

What evidence do they need?

This is the evidence:  a second compliment was inappropriate.

In the real world environment of bars and socializing, you shouldn’t approach a woman who has rebuffed your previous advance with a polite “I’m in a relationship” twice unless it’s trouble you’re looking for.  Washington was looking for trouble.

Escalation happens.

…the woman’s boyfriend, 27-year-old Ian Cranston of Bend, was nearby and was “not happy” with Washington Jr.’s actions, Hummel said.

“He said some words to Mr. Washington. Mr. Washington said some words back,” Hummel said. “There was some pushing, some jostling, some punches thrown, but then it calmed down. It was not going to get out of hand. Then Mr. Cranston pulled a gun out of his waistband and shot and killed Mr. Washington.”

Ian Cranston

This tragic encounter is a case of “got my ass kicked” payback. It was met with cold-blooded murder by Cranston whose act was cowardly if you ask me.  You take your lumps and move on and maybe, if you’re lucky, your girlfriend will stick around even though she saw you get pummeled by the black man.  Murder is the crime.  Of course it’s hateful  Why do we need to prioritize “hate” as a criminal act when murder speaks for itself?

There are reports are that Cranson displayed that very horrible online racism everyone gets rattled by now.  For this he is being tried because today’s culture believes it’s worse to be a racist than a murderer. If you doubt that, let’s examine the news media’s slant which echoes popular society’s agenda down to every Woke nuance.

In the attached link from the local Oregon news outlet, there is no mention of race.

In this link from that national “news” service known as CNN, there is a bit more agenda showing. CNN riles up the natives and then capitalizes on the unrest by covering that too.  Quite a business model. The more tension and fires they can stoke with their propaganda, the better. A little pretentious racial posturing helps.

A grand jury this week indicted Ian Mackenzie Cranston, a 27-year-old White man, on six charges in connection to the shooting last month of 22-year-old Barry Washington Jr., a Black man, Deschutes County District Attorney John Hummel announced in a news conference Thursday following Cranston’s arrest.

Highlights are my own to illustrate a point: crying “hate” is the flavor of the era. In this inhuman society, taking a man’s life is less of a moral failing than thinking ill of him.




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