Gay, handicapped migrants might have the best parking of all

Of course this is has to be an “aberration.”

No kidding. Thankfully we don’t commonly see this…yet.

A car park located in Hanau, Germany, has unveiled dedicated parking spaces reserved for LGBTQ and migrant drivers.

Hanauer Parkhaus GmbH (HPG) built three ‘diversity’ parking spaces in an underground car park in Hanau city centre, which will cater only to LGBTQ individuals and migrants.

Thomas Morlock, the chairman of the supervisory board of HPG and a city councillor, said at the inauguration of the parking spaces that the aim was to help people who feel ‘a special need for protection’.

Germany. I was groomed on the American historical narrative for most of my school life.  I had this image a Germany occupied by fascist tyrants where the faintest stench of social and racial liberalism would be instantly squashed under a pair of jackboots. The media and culture taught me Germany was Hitler, it was a world of xenophobia and intolerance.  That was Germany to my undereducated and complacent mind.  I was lulled by the American narrative, but in reality, Germany is antithetical to many of those preconceived notions.

Germany is everything I didn’t fear. It is soft and yielding and offers parking spaces for homosexuals and Third World migrants.

Gay and migrant parking

This is an aberration for now but in the realm of another pandemic sweeping the world which is known as “cultural liberalism,” is anything incoprehensible?  This parking thing is a gimmick, but the fact that someone thought of it and implemented it in such a horribly unironic manner shocks me.  Until it comes to a Walmart near me.

It is not immediately clear how the authorities intend to monitor whether people who park in the spaces are in fact part of the LGBTQ community or migrants, though HPG said a camera would monitor the car park.

Well that’s the least of their problems.


Do not back into spaces



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