California’s golden despotism

Californians had the chance to recall this menace. We failed. We get what we deserve.


Gavin Newsom is not happy merely being California’s governor; like all power-hungry do-gooders, rewarding of incremental power spawns greater levels of abuse. Gavin inches toward left-wing despotism which residents in this state tolerate happily because really, what use are liberty or rights when the Democratic machine needs oiling and round-the-clock maintenance?

And as a parent, don’t ever entertain the notion that you are the legal adult in your child’s life. California is everyone’s mommy . And you….you are just a wage slave feeding your kid the latest poison from the food industry and tranquilizing their roaming spirit with Disney’s mental narcotics. Your legislated parental role is to keep them in the minimal limbo that the state requires. Trust that the state knows what’s good for them and its commanded parental guidance is for everyone’s “good.”

California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced Friday that the state will require COVID-19 vaccines for all school children ages 12-17 once the FDA grants full approval, becoming the first state in the country to move forward on mandating vaccines for school children.

The mandate will not be implemented earlier than January, when the next school term starts, and could come as late as July 2022, depending on when the FDA gives full approval for vaccines for kids under 16 years old. But Newsom, a Democrat, encouraged local districts to move more quickly if they see fit.

I consider myself fortunate that my child-raising days are behind me. If I was parent of a 5-year-old child today, I would be furious. As it is, I’m furious for Californian parents who dare to not march lockstep with the herd that fetishizes COVID vaccines with a blind trust that may come back to bite them in the ass one day. These maverick parents face a situation in which the government is threatening to seize the health of their children for its own agenda.

Vaccines are great, but they are statistically dangerous. As parents, our choice to subject our children to the risks should be our own to make. The government has no right to force sensitive and dangerous elective actions on children outside their parent’s purview. In the matter of California vs. parental rights, the state presumes its version of child-endangerment supersedes its residents’ version.

California, the nanny state by the sea, is lorded over by Democratic despots who are unable to suppress their totalitarian impulses. They are out-of-touch elites who can’t be troubled to peer over their security walls in order to see what life is like in that dreaded chunk of California reality not 20 miles from the Pacific Ocean.

California's golden despotism


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