“Why are men such sleazeballs?” wondered the woman with blue hair

But really, why?

Speaking as a man, I will admit, we are a sleazy gender.  We are horny and unrestrained and so desperate for fine luscious female ass that we defile our self-respect with a cornucopia of behavioral oddities. Horniness impedes honest self-appraisal.


And if you entertan any doubts that men are not that horrible, hop on over to Tik Tok and the other two million iterations of histrionic social media.

There you will find ample “proof” of just how ghastly the human male animal is.

In reality, not “is,” but “can be.”

The below example captures a fringe sampling of maledom but on social media serves to stereotype every man and boy sharing personal space with your little girls and snowflakes.

Personally, I’ve never taken an upskirt video nor have I ever been interested in such a thing. And I suspect most men haven’t.  Doesn’t matter.  One man did it so we all do.

@meaganprice63If you recognize this man, we’re trying to report him for taking unsolicited pictures up my best friend’s dress.♬ original sound – Meagan Price

I suppose an alternate video illustrating minutes of dead silence during a train ride where an old guy calmly sits next to a couple of snipey 20-something girls while reading his phone without concern or interest in the girls would be too boringly indicative that the majority of men are not craven beasts. That would tell today’s audience nothing that it wants to hear.  Men acting badly is where it’s at.

I don’t like the lazy word “creep” when describing such farfetched men.  In such context, the word becomes an easy verbal assault to damn male behavior that is popularly deemed noxious by sensitive women and their white knight enablers. Women certainly don’t like it when men bark out “bitch” when a woman behaves in a mannher he doesn’t like.  And the word has become blasphemous;  it is not be uttered in public unironically.

“Bitch” and “creep” are both lazy self-serving words which have lost their meaning but are weapons serving to besmirch a whole gender out of ulterior motivations.

Are there men who fall into the authentic Creep category? Of course (see Creepy Train Boomer video, previous).

Creeps are weak men of low social standing.

And then there are Sleazeballs. A little more self-assured than the Creep archetype, but just as cringe-inspiring.

In response to the age-old riddle, “What do you get when you cross a Creep with an Alpha?” sleazeballs are not lacking in confidence and overt desperation. But that’s the problem.  It’s unadulterated desperation. From the school of “if you shoot enough arrows, you’ll hit something eventually,” the Sleazeball Method is bound to succeed but in its path to glory there is a trail of shameful tears and mockery.

@sarahdanielstvAnswer to @mcbossio men gonna men. 😂😂😂##disneyprincess ##ThatCloseMessenger ##facecharacter ##castmember ##QandA

♬ original sound – Sarah Daniels

What if Sara Daniels posted a video showing a family whose children she entertains with her princess act which is then followed by them walking away after the father and mother smile and thank her.  The father does not look back, does not pull an “ice storm” key basket move on her.  Once again, doesn’t perpetuate the horrible generalization of males so it’s left on the cutting floor.

Or a better idea: post videos showing women of an “advanced age” acting like teeny-boppers over every fresh piece of male meat to come out of the entertainment factory. We just laugh with those women and give them catchy, envious names like “cougar” or “MILF.”  Or we urge them on, You Go Girl!

There are the unpublicized “creepy” women, of course, but men aren’t prone to document it on video as a form of social proof; for men, it would be quite the opposite to broadcast female creeps are hitting on them.  That is anti-social proof.

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