What would Sun Tzu say about Sidney “Quacken” Powell?

Oh no, is Auntie Sidney off her meds?  Do you think she’s making a shrink wealthy somewhere?

Her madness would be amusing if we weren’t at war.

The Hard Right is seemingly in battle with everyone in today’s America and it needs to garner all the forces possible in order to mount a front capable of warding off adversaries whose motivations are antithetical to a strong, cohesive America.

The Hard Right needs to maintain integrity of mind. Sidney Powell’s Quack’en Kraken insanity is not as amusing as I’d like it to be. I’ve always been a Hard Right “outsider” in that I don’t humor the delusions that most Q and Kraken types believe defines the shadows and spooks hiding behind every rock. Sidney Powell is a loon whose skill at painting conspiratorial bullseyes around every insignificant happening elevates her insanity to a level that begs for white coats.

In the interview, she outpaces the Left’s fanciful interpretations of January 6’s petit insurrection – it was an intentional ploy (ingeniously designed by the insane role-playing goofs who shuffled into the Capitol building) to delay the Electoral vote’s certification in order to give the Supreme Court ample time to get its legal challenge in order.

Oh. I see.

Makes sense to me that the sad rag-tag team of autist revolutionaries in costumes would concoct such a scheme.  If I was mad, that is!

Curiously, and unsurprisingly, the Left has conveniently usurped Powell’s words and re-tooled them to reinforce their narrative and bolster their agenda.

They once called her mad and with this I agreed; now, she is revealing great truths according to their revamped appraisal of this crazy aunt.

Sidney Powell
I could not have spun a more imaginative tale of backwards narration than Sidney. Preposterous as it is, the self-serving Left discerns logic in her psychotic maze.

For those demeaning Trump’s MAGA by capitalizing on the schizophrenic ramblings of his fringe supporters by painting them as the norm, Powell is a gift from heaven. As far as they are concerned, she should be allowed to resume her publicly unravelling as she spins incremental webs of incoherence as it only serves to undermine the credibility of the Hard Right.

This is an artless war.

If Sun Tzu troubled himself with insanity, I think he may have had something to say about Sidney Powell.

I’m channeling the great Chinese military strategist…

Do not betray the madness in your soul to the enemy. To do so is like handing him 100 barrels of gunpowder as a gift for his ferocity.

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