President Biden’s swan song tyranny

This guy!

Old Joe

Whether or not you believe his 50-year political career can be construed as “illustrious,” it is not unrealistic to call it noteworthy.

He’s been around forever, a real older-than-marble political insider and chronic Democratic establishmentarian. He’s so deeply embedded into the pink flesh of the corrupt political framework that the System courses through his veins. It has possessed his essence, leaving him a walking zombie-like manifestation of that bland bureaucratic middling political narrative that rules the land.

His political career is lined with political offices spanning variations of importance and insignificance, sometimes bureaucratic and others, revolutionary, with sporadic turnouts into personal tragedy and near-tragedy.

“President Biden,” the most current, probably last, incarnation of this voracious political creature, has “evolved” to a new political Pokemon level: the Pfizer pitchman.

Biden on Telegram
from telegram

The Delaware politico, no stranger to soul-devouring corporate and banker pitchmanship, has taken on his greatest role: spokesman for Jab 2.0, the next level vaccine incrementalism. Boosters. If you thought submitting once (or twice) to this elitist abuse of your human autonomy would release you, think again.

The disguised nature of our indentured servitude to America’s capitalist tyranny is dissolving thanks to a viral surprise visit from somewhere in the world. Everything Biden has done over 50 years of political service culminates now. His mission is corralling the remaining naysayers and closing the imprisoning circle at last.

At least it’s cute.

Biden's Boosters

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