The Polarization Wave, aka, Presidents are all unpopular now

Chris Cillizza, the loathsome Democratic sap over at CNN, took some moments to cry on our shoulder about President Biden’s faltering popularity in the wake of this summer’s military high jinks in Afghanistan and the can’t-win Presidential reputation destruction that invariably accompanies a raging pandemic in America. Cillizza laments that a President’s unpopularity does not help his party’s subversive, globalist agenda.

Well, not in so many words.

Biden’s job approval now sits at just 43% while a majority — 53% — disapprove of how he has handled his duties.

It’s been a rapid descent for Biden. As late as June, 56% approved of how he was doing while only 40% disapproved. The decline began in July (50% approve/46% disapprove) and in August roughly the same number approved (49%) as disapproved (48%).

The decline in Biden’s numbers is almost entirely attributable to independents souring on him. In June, 55% of those not affiliated with either party approved of how Biden was handling the presidency. Today that number sits at just 37%. As Gallup’s Megan Brenen notes: “Two-thirds of Biden’s slide among independents since he took office has occurred in the past three months.”

(Partisans have been remarkably consistent; Roughly 9 in 10 Democrats approved of Biden’s presidency while single-digit percentages of Republicans feel the same.)

We live in a very polarized era. Party constituents will submit to their respective party line in deference to logic and common sense. People hold on to their last ideological grasp because the other side of the political aisle does the same. Escalation and extremism are recursive and spawn themselves across the political spectrum. It’s like an orderly line leading into a Black Friday sale; the line’s inhabitants are orderly until one person isn’t. The aggressive disarray then spreads throughout the line like a voracious madness. Similarly, people are reasonable and logical about their own party’s shortcomings until…they perceive the other side is not. In response, they eschew objectivity and embrace blind devotion.

Cillizza, like all Democratic parishioners, cannot resist a dig or two at the former. The #45…

Biden’s struggles of late put him in company he would prefer not to keep: Only Donald Trump — at 37% — among recent presidents had a lower approval rating at this point of their presidency. Both Barack Obama (52%) and George W. Bush (51%) had the approval of a majority of the country in September of their first year in the White House.

In case you forgot how “bad” Trump was, we can’t let you forget! Here’s another reminder we’ll pull from our collective ass.

I wonder if Chris Cillizza has considered that Joe Biden’s popularity tailspin and Trump’s chronic low polling are more indicative of a grand wave of polarization and cynicism washing across America than of a national commentary on Trump’s uniquely triggersome persona? Low popularity numbers for successive administrations point to a national distaste for the political complex, not “support” for the opposition party. Those who did not vote for the current POTUS (ie, independents and opposing party members) are empowered to express anti-establishment sentiments which are widespread throughout the American population, but withheld by those whose party is in power.

In other words, we repress our sensible and appropriate anti-government stance in favor of the lesser evil which is our own unwavering support for (R) or (D) and concomitant opposition to them (R) or (D).

Make 45 President Again
make 45 president again


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