Systemic Conspiracies

It’s the greed.

It’s the innate structure of the faceless corporatron whose blind drive is replication of profit above all other exigencies.

There is no concerted conspiracy on the part of shadowy groups of elites. Conspiracies presume it is possible to gather groups of people in a singular grand brainfusion of ingenuity and foresight.

Sorry, that doesn’t happen. As a person who has studied human behavior for 50+ years, I can assure you that vast groupings of people are incapable of creating the union of minds and planning necessary for a real “conspiracy” of the type most conspiratards lose sleep over.

There are no assembled conspiracies.


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There is only “systemic conspiracy.” A crescendo of individual agendas that contribute to create a de-personified mass of fixated goals wearing the face of the corporate or commercial entity but not of its individual constituents.

I’m not afraid of the vaccine; I fear Pfizer. Pfizer is the corporate face of Systemic Conspiracy. The entity has usurped the conscience and heart of its scientists and membership. It is a utilitarian monster which eats billions ($$) for dinner without regard to harm or negative outcomes.

In Q2, Pfizer’s revenues were up 86% operationally to $19bn – excluding sales of the BNT162b2 vaccine, revenues were still up 10% to $11bn.

Other notable gains in the quarter included rare disease medication Vyndaqel/Vyndamax, which was up by 77%, while sales of its anticoagulant therapy Eliquis were also up by 13% driven by continued uptake in the transthyretin amyloid cardiomyopathy indication in the US.

Pfizer makes many drugs which treat all manner of disorders in the human population, so it is no conspiracy that some of these drugs overlap with some side effects of the COVID vaccine. It’s simple immersion in the market that allows companies like Pfizer to be everywhere, at all times, for everyone. Owning a life-saving market is one example of Systemic Conspiracy. They have their claws in so many facets of human pathology that simple occurrences appear rehearsed and ulterior. The Machine spawns its own voracious sentience which perpetuates profit. Sometimes this sentience spans across industries; it spans offerings and resultant needs. The food industry feeds the pharmaceuticals with a persistent customer base with its toxic, sugar-infused product.

Systemic Conspiracies are a beastly growth sprouting from the combined inhumanity of mankind. Social and organizational structures are birthed by our collective tyranny.


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