COVID’s scourge – the Expertocrat Class

You want to know what my beef is with the COVID vaccines? (Even if you don’t, it looks like I’m about to write a few hundred words explaining why).

For one thing, there’s that life form crawling the bureaucratic hallways of government which is known in the wild as the “public health expert.”

If there’s one thing we should have learned in the past 18 months, it’s that experts are not all that insightful and their presumptive knowledge is cursory and prone to inaccuracies and political expediency. Add the “public health” clarifier and the BSuspicion-meter flies off the charts.

Case in point, Dr. Scott Gottlieb, former FDA figurehead, postures annoyingly during this Q&A with CNN’s medical hero, Dr. Gupta. Gottlieb tried to warn, he reiterates.

Gottlieb says he tried to avert the global health emergency by sounding the alarms very early on to former colleagues in the Trump White House and in Congress.

Dr. G could have been mankind’s savior if we had listened.

But it’s all good. Looking forward, never backward (except when it’s convenient), Gottlieb re-assures:

“I don’t think pandemics need to happen. I think emerging viruses will happen, but I don’t think that they need to turn into pandemics,” Gottlieb told CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta in his podcast, Chasing Life.

What kind of globalist sorcery is he proposing? That would be the only magic power with a chance of halting future pandemics. The very definition of “pandemic” is that it’s global in origin and thus, transcends national boundaries and is susceptible to the vagaries of other nations less inclined to care about the rest of the world if it imperils their own standing in the global commercialism hierarchy.

Gottlieb continues,

“Maybe the pandemics that happened in the past — where we were sort of helpless and couldn’t do anything to either detect them and contain them early or thwart them with vaccines and therapeutics quickly — now we have the tools to prevent them from spiraling into pandemics. And I think that that should be our goal. I think it’s achievable.”

It’s soothing to hear this quack tell us we’re no longer helpless. I guess I was under the wrong impression.

CNN tries to bolster his Conservative cred as if this makes his pandemic observations more “legit” since Conservatives are painted as anti-science by the MSM and vaccine fetishists.

Gottlieb — an internal medicine doctor, a member of the board of directors of vaccinemaker Pfizer, as well as a resident fellow at the conservative American Enterprise Institute think tank and a businessman — is now out with a new book, “Uncontrolled Spread: Why COVID-19 Crushed Us and How We Can Defeat the Next Pandemic,” in which he spells it all out.

In other words, a neocon corporate tool. A Pfizer businessman. No agenda whatsoever.

I don’t think pandemics need to happen. I think emerging viruses will happen, but I don’t think that they need to turn into pandemics. … There was a lot of opportunity, even with Covid, that we could have detected this outbreak a lot sooner. The Chinese government could have detected it sooner and taken certain actions, but we could have as well, if we had the right posture and were engaging the right resources. There was information that was available by mid-December, certainly, that could have been obtained and it would have given us a month head start at least on this. And, you know, in the hands of a competent political response, a month is a long time.

Yes, detection is good but it’s half the battle. Detection and sharing knowledge are good, but how do we compel foreign governments who don’t give a rat’s ass about international camaraderie to be open and transparent and all that other gobbledygook?

Look, we’re going to be willing to do it in the near term. We’re going to end up investing a lot of money in a new posture, in new agencies, new capacities, here domestically.

I think the bigger question is, will we stick with it? Because the next pandemic might not happen next year, in the next five years, even in the next 10 years. But it will happen at some point. There will be a pathogen that emerges that at least threatens us in that way that can spill into the next pandemic. And the question is, will the posture that we invested in have atrophied? And that’s what happened this time.

That is a lot of talking that is primed to sound authoritative while lacking the slightest fiber of flesh. A true “Expertocrat.” The CNN story is laughingly titled, “How to avert — and prep for — the next pandemic: Q&A with Dr. Scott Gottlieb,” but the only thing we garner from it is that Gottlieb has mysterious plans that he’s not explaining. Perhaps he would be so kind as to spell them out?

I’m sure when the next major pandemic attacks society 100 years hence, smug people will revel in their technology and condescendingly shake their heads at us, their historic brethren, for our archaism.

That is, before the pandemic lays waste to their Expertocrat class.

Uncontrolled Spread



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