“Even a broken clock is right once a day” seems to be the guiding principle of my undeterred persistence in creating an endless series of very painful and unfunny memes.

I’m the greatest meme artist that never was.

I’m in awe of the great memes. How rare is the moment when a perfect meme combining irony, surreptitious minimalism and quantum measures of implication coalesces into a magical union of visual insight?

I’m on the lookout for unformed memetic structures 24/7. It’s not a conscious campaign, but in the forefront of my mind lurks a willingness to recognize random memetic elements in my daily life, floundering in unspoken infancy on the peripheries of my existential chaos, waiting to come together, sparked to life by a memetic artist. I didn’t say I’m good at it, but I do have the ability to recognize kernels of memes out of nowhere. Many times I brush the recognition aside and spare the world my embarrassing attempt to bring it to life, but there are unfortunate occasions I inflict my vision upon the word.  And none of us are the wiser for it.

For instance, the other day, during one of my jaunts through the worldwide web, I stumbled upon a meme, in principle, but which didn’t quite capture that Zen “just be” state of memetics necessary for provoking the irony meter.

e51899637a7c848e658a58816f6a014fba1cc54debdcc7a2723e1082a0be4ddf Copy

This was posted as a non-verbal timeline of that range of emotions experienced by someone’s incremental shock.  The problem with this is that there is a conscious “set up” at play in this image with humans holding the phone to the dog’s ear (and the smiling female enabler doesn’t help the irony of the meme very much).

The dog’s expressions are great and convey a sense of exploding alarm, but this meme could stand to engage a little Zen “let it be” essence.

I Photoshopped this with average results.

oh Oh OH


I call this meme template “oh Oh OH” to describe the escalating alarm expressed through the dog’s visual displeasure. How many times have we experienced this unraveling emotional explosion. A neutral non-interaction, an interesting eyebrow-raising factoid, and then a complete wallop to our senses that we didn’t foresee just seconds ago. Not necessarily in such a triplicate delineation, this range of escalating alarm with dribs and drabs of information fed in incremental levels of horror is known to all. The possibilities are endless and I see many political or sociological permutations this meme can take using the “oh. Oh. OH” sequence.

I introduce a new meme: “Jamal”




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