California Governor Gavin Newsom’s thank you card

Larry Elder wouldn’t have.

I’d love to be there when the chickens come home to roost.

In one of his first actions after surviving an election seeking to oust him from office, Gov. Gavin Newsom on Thursday essentially abolished single-family zoning in California — and green-lighted a series of bills intended to bolster the state’s housing production.

The only thing “housing production” means in this state is “wealth production.” More housing units means more realtors and investors cashing in on the Golden State’s cash cow. Cash-wielding Chinese nationals are elated.

By signing Senate Bill 9 into law, Newsom opened the door for the development of up to four residential units on single-family lots across California. The move follows a growing push by local governments to allow multi-family dwellings in more residential neighborhoods. Berkeley voted to eliminate single-family zoning by Dec. 2022, and San Jose is set to consider the issue next month.

While opponents fear such a sweeping change will destroy the character of residential neighborhoods, supporters hail it as a necessary way to combat the state’s persistent housing crisis and correct city zoning laws that have contributed to racial segregation.

“The housing affordability crisis is undermining the California Dream for families across the state, and threatens our long-term growth and prosperity,” Newsom wrote in a news release. “Making a meaningful impact on this crisis will take bold investments, strong collaboration across sectors and political courage from our leaders and communities to do the right thing and build housing for all.”

I would pay to be there when the first wave of elitist wannabees realize their pseudo-residential-enclave has been invaded by the crowded visual stench of multi-dwellers clogging up their precious manicured street with cars, the cacophony of bustling houses, shrieking, shitting kids, snarling animals, unrecognizable detritus littering the yards and sidewalks – the same elitist wannabees who voted to not recall Gavin Newsom behind the sanctimonious consternation of their masks and syringes.

I’d love to be there when the quaint population of their tree-lined street is tripled, and predictably, the attendant increase visits upon them the worst of people, not the best, because no neighborhood ever has been improved by the foreign-owned rental paradigm where an abundance of “non residential types” are shoe-horned into houses  and a makeshift suburban squalor ensues.

Oh yeah. I’d love to hear them tell Gavin “you’re welcome” for this thank you offering just days after they saved his corrupt ass.





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