High Priest of the Vaccine Cult patrols neighborhood store

I told my wife this morning that strife is here to stay. Strife will be here the rest of our lives.

She argued.

I countered. She’s an optimist. I’m not.

The bottom line is, we don’t know.  Nor will we.  It will not stop us from opining, though.  We are at the onset of The Long Strife, people.  A new terrible era.

But one thing you can’t argue: strife is here, now. It is the way.

It would be very interesting to hear their take on this society, those folks about 100 years down the line, denizens of the 22nd century. What would they say about this world in 2021. We’ll be among the first wave of generations to leave more documented evidence of our insanity than any previous.

We have videos, we have cameras, we have phones. Our legacy is very plain for future centuries.

Not sure if that is a good thing. Posterity can be garbage.

This is us.

Mentally erratic people marching around proselytizing the Cult of Vaccine. And policing those who don’t join.

We’ve lost our mind.

(Most surprising factoid: the Priest has a wife).

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