USCP, thanks to “good police work,” thwart another insurrection and probably the complete destruction of America

This is hilarious.  Yeah, yeah, it’s a swastika and this is not to be treated with such levity.  I should bow my head quietly and submit to the “silent reproach of a million tear-stained eyes” (apologies to Pink Floyd), but it’s funny, damnit.

Someone was driving around in this truck in the middle of the night near the DNC in Washington.

Just another mirror swastika

US Capitol Police Chief, Tom Manger, tooted his agency’s horn earlier after one of his officers stopped this very truck that was driven by every Liberal’s stereotypical nightmare.

This morning the United States Capitol Police arrested a California man who had multiple knives in his truck near the Democratic National Committee headquarters.

“This is good police work plain and simple,” said Chief Tom Manger. “We applaud the officers’ keen observation and the teamwork that resulted in this arrest.”

Not one knife, but multiple knives!

I wonder how many Democrats he planned on spearing single-handedly with 2 knives, pretty much the max you can wield as long as you are outfitted with a normal 2-arm human configuration.

Good police work!

So keen.

Sorta. If police work is staying awake, maybe.

Around midnight, a Special Operation Division Officer was on patrol when he noticed a Dodge Dakota pickup truck, with a swastika and other white supremacist symbols painted on it, outside of the DNC headquarters. The truck did not have a license plate. Instead, a picture of an American flag was placed where the license plate should have been. The Capitol Police officer pulled over the truck along the 500 block of South Capitol Street, SW.

How do they do it?  That is the kind of profiling we can get behind!



Too bad profiling of truly dangerous criminal “types” is so frowned upon in today’s climate.  Blatantly berserk white wingers don’t receive the same gentle legal treatment.

“This is an excellent example of the work our officers do every day,” said Operational Services Bureau Deputy Chief Jason Bell. “We are so proud of these officers for their vigilance.”

As the USCP brass piles on the rave review stampede over the stellar police work involved in spotting the not-so-sly driver, Donald Craighead, one must wonder why such fanfare over the apprehension of an obviously mentally ill subject?

Oh wait. Why do I ask such rhetorical questions.

The substance of news coverage is not as important as the media’s ability to amplify a pointless narrative that can be exploited to skew the image of the right-wing.




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