The elite.

Who are they?  Who is this mysterious class we envision in our prejudicial minds and which we define according to our private hierarchy of economic values?

The elites who lorded over us in ages past should be known as The Elite. Popularly they were a rarefied class of people whose exclusiveness flaunted immense wealth and power.  They bled manipulation over the masses while we submitted meekly to The Powers That Be behind a bitter wall of resentment.

The Elites who were once elite.

Now the democratization of the post-digital world has turned the concept of “elite” on its head.  Elitists in 2021 encompass an array of social and class values and traits that are not necessarily confined to the “top 1%” of wealth.

Elitism is now egalitarian and denotes that one has entered and exited the college industrial complex intact and is embarked on a career of wage slavery intended to offset the costs of being part of the machine. Elitism now denotes a commitment to cultural values of self-professed identity, hyper-equality and reckless correction of collective historic memory and punishment of affronts to the modern sensibility of social justice.

Modern elitism is a confined kit of beliefs and accomplishments as a self-expressed definition or worth and standing.  Today’s elitism is casual.

We are barreling toward an unpleasant predicament.

An unruly leader who rallies the elites into a frenzy of fear, overreaction and cloudy hysteria.  Now, as always, the elites practice intolerance of the non-elite.  Today elites have many words for their intolerance of the non-elites, and they are all draped in self-congratulatory arrogance.  The non-elite don’t humor pandemic hysteria, believe United States sovereignty is to be defended, and don’t particularly care about traits of identity.

We are at a crossroads in which the sizable American elite is enacting absolute tyranny over those presumed to be the non-elites.

The non-elites are ready to fight. How long have we all been spouting about Civil War V2?

I believe we are at a precipice.

Fear is courage

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