Next level infection: the Moo Deviant (aka, Ray Lin Howard)

Speaking as an old dude who’s lived most of his life before Internet In A Box was a thing, I am repulsed by the culture of social media influencers. I explained to my wife that there are millions of these psychic drains and their schtick is about Attention, Exposure and Outrageous. And if they do it right, they make a lot of money by exploiting this narcissistic brew for revenue.

She shook her head and uttered some words that made it clear she doesn’t approve.
“I agree,” I commiserated.

Yet, I perpetuate the paradigm, don’t I? Every time a “news outlet” publicizes the lucrative antics of one of these clowns, I read or watch, or in some cases, write about. It’s a sad dynamic I participate in.  Guilty as charged!

It’s just that some of their antics cannot be ignored by the likes of me.

For instance, Ray Lin Howard from Fairbanks, Alaska, fat and proud, is one of those types who wallows in gluttonous self-debasement for the sake of exposure and follows.  These people slap us in the face with their degeneracy.

Ray Lin flaunts her heft in conspicuous reveals of public skin in order to trigger predictable reactions and then posts self-righteous videos scolding people for looking.

The ordeal by an Alaska Airlines passenger who was ordered off a flight from Seattle to Alaska last week apparently because of what she was — and wasn’t — wearing has gone viral after she shared her experience about what happened on social media.

Ray Lin Howard, who posts content to her TikTok account under the handle of fattrophywife, has garnered nearly two million views and thousands of likes for a series of videos about her planned airline trip from Fairbanks to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport last Friday.

According to a video posted by Howard from the airplane, she was wearing black shorts and a sports bra before putting on a midriff-baring, purple leopard spot crop top when she was told by the airline’s flight attendants that her attire was still inappropriate for airline travel.

Howard told the officers that she was approached by the flight attendants three different times about her attire, which she insists complied with the airline’s dress code.

According to the Alaska Airlines website, the dress code for the airline is “casual, and the requirement is simply a neat and well-groomed appearance. Clothing that is soiled or tattered and bare feet are never acceptable. You are expected to use good judgment, but customer service agents will have the final authority to refuse travel for inappropriate attire or appearance.”

Hm. I have little doubt that Howard was the hapless persecuted object of fat-shaming and that her behavior and offscreen deportment had nothing to do with this situation’s unraveling.  And of course the flight attendants had nothing better to do than hold up the flight and create cabin chaos for the sake of some bared adipose.

I’ll tell you what happened:  Ray Lin Howard sought a scene to add to her TikTok mythos and it found her because after all, her skill is being “spotted.”

The Moo Deviant has been spotted in the wild.




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