Cue the patented “dat’s racism” whining in Los Angeles

It was a simple fender bender, in theory, but is anything simple?  In this post-pandemic dystopian script, all events and interactions are inflamed with an added dose of wayward drama.

In the case of a Thursday night fender bender which occurred at 17th and Broadway, south of downtown, routine turned into a dramatic scene straight out of an action movie with a deadly finale for Angel De Marcos Haro.

The family of a man who was killed after a car crash in downtown Los Angeles turned into a road rage incident is pleading with the suspect to turn herself in.

Grieving family and friends gathered for a vigil Saturday to remember 22-year-old Angel De Marcos Haro.

[After the accident,] Angel and the other driver stopped briefly and exchanged words but then the woman took off in her car – and Angel gave chase in his.

Fender Bender

The phrase “fender bender” implies an unremarkable affair involving scraped and dented car surfaces that doesn’t involve bodily injury or damage to mechanical components. It’s an involuntary meeting of vehicles that culminates in exchange of insurance and driver’s license info.   Their duty done, both drivers proceed on their way with a car perhaps a little worse for the wear. In today’s climate, it seems this kind of thing deteriorates into a tinderbox of mayhem a little too often.

They stopped again at 18th and Figueroa and again engaged in a confrontation.

At some point, Angel ended up on the hood of the woman’s car as she drove away. She made a sudden left turn at a high rate of speed, throwing him off the hood and into the street.

Astounding is that local news outlet, ABC7, named what shall never be named; in fact, you have to read the text story because they didn’t include it in their video snippet. Suspect description is important but the media generally avoids that for some reason. It’s as if they are afraid of perpetrating “simple” truths.

“That person had no heart. All I want right now is to bring justice for my brother’s death because the way he died was just not it,” his sister added.

Police say the suspect is described as an African American woman in her 20s with multicolored hair, and was driving a 2013 silver Kia Optima.

In reality, there are reports that Haro’s car was equipped with a dash cam that may have caught everything on video and if a photo of the perp is fed to the public, there is no denying facts at that point.  The media is just getting ahead of the ball.

Was it the multicolored hair that done the murder?

Let me tell you where I think this may lead.  Good odds but not absolute.

Upcoming narrative:
The manhunt will ensue for a couple of days and a suspect description may circulate. Sometime this week, the suspect will turn herself in, accompanied by several key figures from the local civil rights community (and a well-known civil rights attorney for good measure). A racial angle will be introduced because that is the added element necessary to foment the “innocence” narrative. Namely, the suspect feared an attack dressed in racism as opposed to a normal fit of male aggression which this appears to be because De Marcos Haro had no reason to be on her hood.

Histrionic fear of racism makes things much more excusable than simple fear of death.


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