Conjoined devices

Well, she’s right. But…

Basic human sentience

These newfangled phones are not intended to replace sentience.

They are about augmenting sentience, about the only useful purpose I can justify for their wallet-breaking existence.

Amanda’s banal expectation of smart phones, these humanly conjoined computers, is the problem; she’s not alone. Phones have evolved into physiological appendages, they are second heads of a less human, less individualistic nature that tag along with us everywhere.

Think of it as having a conjoined twin head sharing your shoulder, but that twin is slightly retarded and afflicted with an undeveloped frontal lobe; your twin is able to function on a high level, compared to a piece of wood, but their innate human sparkle is absent.

Your unshakable twin is essentially a “gadget” wearing human skin who entertains you in a very drab, encyclopedic fashion.  Conversation is nil, humor and irony are stillborn.

It’s not the job of a stupid phone to tell you that it’s raining.  It should be a resource that tells you how much rain has fallen, or how much longer to expect it to fall.

But people, being the intellectually lazy lot that we are, reduce the promise of conjoined computers to instead reflect life coated in a sheen of blather and nonsense.

Phones are an electrical coil which amplify our own mundane nature which we display to the world.

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