Before BLM, there was ALM…

Behold, a shitshow.

Word on the street is that the perp is from the extreme spectrum.

I can see that.

That’s what I call an atypically expensive lesson.  Poor parents.  Think about all the loot they have to dish out for “special autistic handling” and now this little display of television debauchery threatens to put the last nail in the coffin of the parental love corpse.

The striking analogy of this rambunctious black kid begs to be raised. To note the question or unveil the analogy is a bad thing in today’s social clime. Watching this video brings many obvious images to mind. The chanting, the rote destructiveness, the fathomless mannerisms: it’s like watching the Summer of 2020 all over again. Albeit, on a smaller and less threatening scale…and a whole lot more amusing.

Before BLM, before the fire, the death, the property mayhem, there was ALM.

Autistic Lives grow up, too.

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