Biden plays peek-a-boo with father time

Moments for nothing, now as always, time was
never and time is over, reckoning closed and story
– from Endgame by Samuel Beckett

I do it, you do it.  We peek.

Especially if you’re an old economy, brick-in-the-mortar holdover who still uses a wristwatch. I was raised on wristwatches and I’m never without one.

I do it but I like to think I have finesse for I am obsessively mindful that an inopportune glance at your watch is loaded with implication and presumption. A glance at your watch is akin to an impatient yawn.  In certain situations, such a glance can scream rude, thoughtless, even psychopathic.  Know the room.

I have a severe form of self-diagnosed ADD. I am not the type of person who gets bored as long as I am alone…with my own alone thoughts.  However, the moment I’m in a tethered situation of obligatory presence or if I have to hear people drone on for more than 10 minutes of blabber, I become restless and distracted. Time cannot fly by quickly enough when I’m bored by ceremonial proceedings.

Instead of yawning (which is difficult to hide), I glance at my watch surreptitiously. It is easily done if you’re not the POTUS and forced to exude the charade of caring about dead soldiers. They are only grunts, after all, first line sacrificial fodder.  Worse, they are dead. They are exempt from the prospective electoral pool. Of course you’d get bored.  “Let’s get on with the show!”

In such situations, I’m always counting down the moments in my head. Carefully surveying my timepiece in order to desperately gauge how much longer I will be expected to persist in whatever excruciating event currently keeping me from being alone.

As such, I strategically wear my watch in an unusual fashion: on my right wrist, watch face on my interior arm. This is prime placement for sneaky time-glances.

I would suggest this to President Biden because he was busted.

President Joe Biden has come under fire for apparently glancing at his watch during a solemn ceremony at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware for the 13 US troops killed in the terror attack near the Kabul airport.

Biden and first lady Jill Biden were at the airport for a “dignified transfer” movement, a somber military ritual of receiving the bodies of fallen service members who died in foreign combat.

During the event, he placed his right hand to his chest as the flag-draped coffins were carried off the Air Force C-17 Globemaster plane.

But at one point, the commander-in-chief appeared to cast a furtive glance at his watch before putting his arms behind his back, prompting criticisms from veterans, Republican politicians and conservative commentators.

I’m not triggered by Biden’s action like most of the Right.

I won’t go off and shoot fish in the barrel like most conservative commentators, but I must note that President Biden is comically tone deaf.  If you’re POTUS and attending a ceremonial return of dead soldiers to the homeland, you know that cameras are trained on you, and they will capture your every move and expression.  At a minimum, you must be a bit mindful and repress your concern about the hour of the day.

I think old people, with time’s allotment shrinking exponentially, are driven to keep tabs of how many seconds they have left.  Hell with everything else.  Joe is 79; that watch isn’t leaving his wrist anytime soon.


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