The perils of temptation

One of the earliest lessons I learned was the cautionary warning, “don’t tempt fate.”

While not pragmatic on a karmic level, the phrase also has ramifications for real life. Use wisdom when arriving at choices, think about the future. Don’t be myopic.  Humbly consider all the possibilities that might ensue from your actions, now. On the karmic level, of course the statement is nonsense. Don’t proclaim victory until victory is in your hands because you are “tempting fate.” That is rubbish;  if you win, you win because you performed well, not because you refrained from tempting fate. If anything, resisting the urge to tempt fate instructs us to be confident but not cocky. Cocky people win too, but it’s about attitude and humility.

Don’t tempt fate in your actions.

Nevertheless, 2020 and the first 8 months of 2021 have taught us that we should also not tempt fate on a karmic level because magical expectations can lead to unwise, incautious behavior. The karmic consternation of the phrase has proven to have real-world manifestations.


I thought of tempting fate when I read this statement, ie, self-assured temptation, by Ramsey Green, the “New Orleans deputy chief administrative officer for infrastructure” (that’s a weighty title and you are allowed to tempt fate with that cred), in spelling out New Orleans’ outlook for Hurricane Ida, a category 4 storm due to hit the city today.

Circa 2021, unlike circa 2005, brings much promise because we are prepared now. ‘S’all good!

“This is a different city than it was August 28th 2005, in terms of infrastructure and safety.” Of the levee system, he promised “an unprecedentedly powerful protection for the city. From that perspective, we need to be comfortable and we need to know that we’ll be in a much better place than we were 16 years ago. That said, if we have 10 to 20 inches of rain over an abbreviated period of time, we will see flooding. We don’t know at this moment — we see 15 to 20 inches over 48 hours or less, and we can handle it, depending on the event.”

Riddle of the day: what do New Orleans’ infrastructure and COVID vaccines have in common…?


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