COVID smoke, mirrors and convenient privacy

CNN, shameless purveyor of COVID fear porn, screams at us.

Houston reports first pediatric Covid-19 death in youth with no underlying conditions


Wow, scary stuff.

Children are dying…the children!

It’s time to start vaccinating the kids is the rehearsed implication of pharmaceutical subjugation.

Health officials in Houston have confirmed the city’s first pediatric Covid-19 death of a youth who did not have underlying heath conditions.

A nicely dropped torrent of strategic foreboding and hyperbole, all for the price of one.

The Houston Health Department (HHD) announced Thursday that a male between 10 and 19 died in late July at a hospital.

The victim was not vaccinated, HHD said in a statement.

“While he tested positive for COVID-19, it’s currently unknown if he was infected with a variant of the virus,” the statement said.

Oh, I see.

Seems highly bogus, and it rhymes with ambiguous.

chicken l

So ages 10 through 19 fall in the pediatric bucket? Have you taken your 19-year-old to the pediatrician lately?

From what I’ve learned, COVID’s viral dynamics in an infected 18-year-old and an infected 10-year-old are quite different.  But for the sake of exemplary Chicken Little declarations about COVID, the age span is convenient.

Even more convenient is the legal obfuscation of medical privacy laws, apparently.

HHD did not release any other information because of privacy laws.

Six other pediatric Covid deaths have been reported in Houston, but those victims all had underlying conditions, HHD said.

The predictable catering to fear of the abnormally rare tempts our common sense hesitancy in shrugging off the astronomical because as we all know…it could happen to you.

No one wants children to die, even the 19-year-old children.  We are 18 months into a pandemic that has taken about 650,000 lives, and Houston experienced its first COVID death of a “10-19-year-old person without underlying conditions.” I’d certainly not panic about this; our children have more to fear from drunk drivers or deranged perverts but it appears easier to fret about a statistical anomaly when fear is such a fantastic weapon for sublimating a population.




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