Was Jimmy Hayes jabbed (?) conspiracists wonder…

Did Jimmy Hayes get jabbed before his death?

The Tin Foil needs to know.

Nothing stirs up the conspiracy furor like an untimely death following in the wake of publicized “got my vaccine!” pageantry.

The death of 31-year-old former NHL player Jimmy Hayes certainly qualifies as “untimely,” at least insofar as we can gather given what we know.

A day after the untimely death of former NHL star Jimmy Hayes, his wife and brother took to social media to pay tribute to and mourn their loved one. ICYMI, Jimmy was discovered by authorities on Monday morning in his Milton, Massachusetts home. He was pronounced dead at the scene, according to the Boston Globe.

The 31-year-old had just been celebrating his oldest son’s birthday at a party with family and friends the day before. His death is not being classified as suspicious, but the exact cause has yet to be announced.

Reflecting on her loss, Kristen Hayes, Jimmy’s wife of three years and momma to their sons Beau, 2, and Mac, 3 months, took to her Instagram Story on Tuesday, expressing:

“i love you so much. i miss you. I don’t know how I’m going to do life without you.”

Along with photos of her husband and kids on the beach, she wrote:

“You should be here. This isn’t fair.”

The widower also revealed the tight-knit group had posed for a photo shoot days before the athlete passed away, sharing:

“On Wednesday we took family photos. Little did I know they would be our last photos of a family of four. I have no words. I’m heartbroken. We miss you. We love you. You should be here.”

Jimmy Hayes and family

Was he, or wasn’t he?

Who the heck knows.   I don’t believe anyone would ever expect vaccinations don’t have some side effects, and a few of them will be fatal.  The issue becomes whether the fatality rate from vaccinations surpasses that of COVID-19 infections.  Hanging on to every public death as a condemnation of vaccines doesn’t prove anything other than what we know.

Really, isn’t posing such conjecture the very intrusion of privacy which vaccine requirements are?

A little consistency goes a long way toward conspiracy apologetics.


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