Not anti-vaxx, not vaccine-hesitant; my archetype is vaccine-skeptical

I have respect for both the atheist and the religiously devout. They believe in clear partitions.  For atheism and religion are equally matters of faith.

Agnostics irritate me. They straddle a fence that serves no apparent purpose. In some matters of belief, it either is or it isn’t. You Do, or you Don’t. The hemming/hawing of “I can’t really believe in one side…” is lazy and pointless. It gets you nowhere. “God-hesitant” doesn’t work well on your death bed.

Take a side.

I feel the same about today’s vaccine wars.

Take the jab or fight the jab. It’s your right to worship either. I respect people who make the unwavering choice and stick with it; I respect them even more if they engage some brainpower in their conclusions as opposed to those who jump on the least involved train of conformity in order to justify their belief.  When you reach the front of the vaccine line you can’t announce that you want the “sorta” shot where you don’t get it, but you do, or just enough to get past all the institutional obstacles erected daily to prevent full participation in this society for those who don’t vaccinate. Make a choice and stick with it.

Vaccine hesitancy is a little like religious agnosticism. Shit or get off the pot, I say.
Which leads me to the case of Myself.

In some ways I straddle the murky hesitant zone but I actually did submit to the jab in April. If I was 30 years younger, I would not have. Given my present age, however, the “greater personal good” outweighs the risk of immediate harm done by the vaccine. My worst suspicions about the crop of mRNA/spike protein-farming vaccines is the long term effects. The context changes dramatically for a healthy person in their 20’s. With 60 to 70 years still ahead of them with a young physiology that will probably overcome COVID’s worst effects, there is no way I’d take a chance on this experimental therapy.

I’m vaccine-skeptical.

I entertain no illusions the COVID vaccines are safe, but I pragmatically expect society will resist absorbing me unless I surrender myself to the machine’s demands. As a vaccine-skeptic, I also understand the vast benefit of vaccines to humanity. The extermination of deadly diseases has created a more pleasant world for us. Conversely, as a vaccine-skeptic, I realize the scientific instinct to discover and improve the state of man when motivated by science and the pursuit of knowledge is the finest, sincerest form of medical advancement. However, when spurred by greed and profit, medicine and scientific discovery are an adversary.  Profit becomes more important than life.

The scariest thing for me is the panicked greed and hording of wealth that the COVID vaccines were rushed to address.

“But they’ve been working on these for 10 years,” justify the vaccine pornographers.

Not impressed.  Apparently the pharmaceuticals were so impelled by goodwill that they rushed their revolutionary mRNA concoctions to market before the pandemic because mankind would be better off down the line.

Oh what…that’s not what happened?

The timely release of the vaccines is cynical and brims with the foolhardy myopia expressed best in one of my favorite tattoos. I had a buddy back in my 20’s, not exactly upstanding Joe Citizen he was, edgy troublemaker cholo type, who had that tattoo on his right forearm.

laugh today, cry tomorrow

Except the tattoo describes your own actions as a self-accountable adult.

Not the totalitarian imposition of a quick fix into your bodily temple, all because we don’t embrace the horror of a contagious virus which we seek to escape in any way we can.

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