Dreadlock Beast vs. Endangered Husband at yesterday’s Steelers game

Women proving once again that they do the trouble-making men try to avoid.

This is the meat and potatoes of gender interactions templated across a stupid football pissing contest. What better activity to display primitive human behavior than a Steelers game?

Hot-headed women and mild-mannered men pairings risk this kind of first-hand lesson in socioevolutionary ugliness.

I’ve seen enough women mouth off at, and act physically aggressive toward, men who easily overpower their boyfriend or husband who are obligated to join the fray.  The dynamic is plain to see.  Women frequently act up with men double their strength in ways most men would not, given the identical situation.

In this video, I doubt Endangered Husband would ever instigate trouble with Dreadlock Beast but alas, he was drawn into battle by a woman who had no chance on her own. Poor guy;  Endangered Husband, by proxy and social pressure, was called to the ring and got his ass beaten.

Thanks honey.

The evolutionary impetus behind this behavior must be mating-based. Women are socially evolved to pit males against each in a violent dance to filter the strongest and fittest to the top.

In a much, much older era, Dreadlock Beast, having extinguished the “threat” of Endangered Husband, would grab Wanton Wife by the waist and bound away and settle into a clearing where mating might commence.

Everyone needs a little “halftime show.”

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