Taliban wants a (sammich now!!) or things are going to get ugly fast

Something we don’t keep in mind considering the events of the past week is that the Liberal politics of equality and power for all the downtrodden races, genders and body types are a luxury of the modern society of excess. In a society where food is needlessly bountiful, where time is freed from the manacles of physical toil, where physical and spiritual ritual and ceremony are eschewed for hedonistic frivolities, what else is there to do but tend to anti-survivalist drivel like [insert victim class]-rights and pointless representation for all, regardless of ludicrous self-definition pretensions?

Not Woke

When survival drops from the top of the list down a few places, society will dissemble since such a mentality bucks the natural evolutionary pressures our biology has been contending with for hundreds of millennia. We focus on the diversions of non-survival pressures in a lackluster world of half-hearted immersion

Afghanistan, a physical and cultural shithole, is one of those places that don’t have the luxury of downranking survival; survival reigns supreme there and that is the natural order of life.

Equality and human rights are trivial adornments when fanatics with rifles dictate what is right and wrong. Possessed of such power, derangement is not far behind.

According to former judge Najla Ayoubi, a woman was set on fire on Thursday in the country’s north after being forced to cook for militants.

“They are forcing people to give them food and cook them food. A woman was put on fire because she was accused of bad cooking for Taliban fighters,” Ms Ayoubi told Sky News, describing the situation on the ground as a “nightmare”.

As a vocal supporter for women’s rights in Afghanistan, Ms Ayoubi said she was forced to flee for her life once the wind was blowing in the Taliban’s direction.

Is now the time and context to worry about “women’s rights?” Of course the Taliban represents an absolute and unyielding patriarchy where women don’t enjoy the post-modern rights of an “enlightened” society steeped in time-to-kill luxury, but it’s suicidal to fixate on any one group’s travails in a fundamentalist Islamic world.  The Taliban’s institutional fundamentalism has more than just women in its targets. The issue is a human one that must be addressed a broader existential level.

Women can worry about their special rights when everyone has their rights.



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