President Biden has two nagging wives now

I love it when President Biden gets defensive. Don’t corner the guy or you’ll get a triggered mouthful of spittle from the crotchety bag of sand. George Stephanopoulos stepped on one of those Biden landmines for daring to mention the ubiquitous images of Afghans falling from the fleeing C17’s.

“That was four days ago, five days ago,” snaps Biden angrily.

We get it, Joe. We are nagging.  Honestly, how much of the evacuation fiasco is directly your doing is up for debate, but you are the man.

You are President and you are the end of the pecking order. You are the face of America’s actions and policy; that’s why you ran for President.  Deal accordingly.

You were once married to Jill, but as of January 20, you are married to the American people as well, you nutty bigamist.

We nag because we seek reassurance, or at the very least, accountability.

Speaking of nagging about old crap, how about that Trump Derangement we still must endure even though the guy has been out of office seven months? I’d love to apply spiteful Biden logic to the incessant Trump blame/hate drivel that we continue to hear in August. That was seven months, four years!

Most amusing, it’s questionable if President Biden remembers anything that happened that long ago.

Maybe he doesn’t and that’s why he gets so frustrated.


The Biden Uncertainty Principle

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