Real men grab ass

It’s dystopian. This sort of thing has a way of putting me into defensive mode because today’s society brims with wall-to-wall shame, scorn and accusatory language.

In 2021, men are presumed guilty until it’s never disproven.

The more you try to explain yourself (or blog yourself), the greater the implication that you’re to blame or…mansplaining.  The cleverness is daunting.

Presumption is the weapon of Identitarians. It doesn’t matter that most men don’t behave this way since the assumption that can’t be argued is that men, in the disembodied symbolic intangible sense of sinew and gonads, are hereditarily guilty of this behavior since they are owners of that big bad masculinity which has created such a horrible world that we now actually have the ability to accuse people plainly, freely and with impudence.

The ass-grabbing fellow in the police video offers us a commentary on many things, but not of manhood.  Those whose motive it is to enforce the illusion that bad behavior is endemic to one gender are as bigoted and close-minded as those they revile.

Calling such behavior “toxic” is like accusing the sun of being hot.

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