Kabul 2021

There’s an insightful documentary airing on HBO Max called “Woodstock 99.” Presenting that turn-of-the-century incarnation of the hippie-era music festival from 30 years previous as an anarchical, messy, dirty, degenerate descent into utter perdition, the documentary asks, “What did Woodstock 99” signify on a deeper sociological level? The liberal minds who made the documentary defer to the convenient Woke points of 2021 and blame white male rage for pretty much the whole thing.  I agree on a very broad level but it is much more nuanced than a simple liberal whitewash.

But the film is not my subject.  It deserves a post its own.  My point in mentioning Woodstock’s 1999 travesty is that it represented a pinnacle, a symbolic fulcrum, that illustrated a transitional event which painted the contrast between 1969 and 1999 on a sparse metaphorical level.  A path, rocky and deadly, spanning the Boomer era to the Millennial (aka, the nascent Wokes).

There’s another generational contrast we can find in the news today that also owes its impetus to today’s American evacuation of Kabul.

In this case, the span of time is 46 years.  It measures the time between the American evacuation of Saigon in 1975 and today’s peaceful and low-key Amreican evacuation of Kabul. The orderliness implies a suspected negotiation that went something like:

Taliban: Leave soon or else
America: OK
Taliban: Don’t let the door hit you on the way out

Neoconservatism takes a fall, then and now.  A polarized and fragmented America is a nation ill-suited to meddling in the affairs of others; if our house tumbles, our attempts to intervene and install our values on others who do not share our values foments havoc and conflict.  The new globalism resists installation of American paradigm anywhere.


Lynn neocons

Let’s hope Kabul 2021 is that fulcrum, the “turning point” as we embark on a fresh global dynamic that will illustrate an America whose agenda no longer reigns over the global stage. Sharing the stage with rising adversaries, the drive to neoconservative is diminished and will crash rather than renew like it did after regrouping in the 1980’s. Perhaps Kabul’s evacuation, 2021, will signify a global “Woke” era in which a vast multinational egalitarianism sends America a wake-up call:  it doesn’t need to lead the world any longer.

And there is nothing wrong with that.

Let other nations do as they please as long as it doesn’t directly infringe upon our sovereignty.  The world is not our immediate concern, at least not while we try to fix our nation.  The global stage has shrunk since 1975 but in some ways, it has also grown and America’s growing irrelevance is liberation.


Dude, where’s the hookah and biotches??






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