Mike Lindell cuts Trump Won Telethon short when he flees lawyers

With a cast like this…

MyPillow’s true-believing Mike Lindell took his Trump-reinstatement tour to the political It spot last week, Sioux Falls, South Dakota. A lovely place, I’m sure, but not one I’d instantly associate with relevant American political upheaval. Lindell promised a “Cyber Symposium” which would dazzle us with data, computer graphics, digital bells and whistles and oodles of evidence that Trump won November’s election, and his imminent placement as President would banish Joe Biden to the cornfields.

What materialized was a hot mess of jumbled planning. An utterly embarrassing morass of crossed signals, production foibles and incoherence.

Lindell is hosting a marathon 72-hour cyber symposium in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, set to conclude Thursday, in a bid to prove his election conspiracy theories.

After news emerged at about 6 p.m. on Wednesday that his attempt to have the lawsuit dismissed was unsuccessful, Lindell was seen on video getting off his seat and rushing off the stage abruptly, disappearing behind a dark curtain.

Apparently, Joe Biden and the Democrats have nothing to worry about from these domestic warriors. Interestingly, the left is fond of illustrating this stillborn symposium as emblematic of the ineptitude and unpopularity of the residual pro-Trump movement in America yet they spin how “dangerous” these same people were to the integrity of the United States’ security on January 6.

They aren’t.  They are a fragmented band of mentally ill misfits.  These groups are vocal, delusional and harmless because they channel their energy into fantasy fictions.

These people are going to overthrow The Biden??

Ron Watkins’ horrible introverted hymnal monotone adds the cringy coup de grace to this excruciating clip from his jaw-dropping appearance at the symposium last Wednesday. Several portions of this video will become lore. One of my favorites was Ron’s dejected frustration that happened about 9:24 during a tussle that occurred when legal logistics threatened to throw a bucket of cold piss all over the try-hard antics of these Trust the Plan dweebs. Watkins’ sad exhalation needs to be saved for posterity and future revolutions as a cautionary warning:  if you’re going to fight the system, don’t be mental, and have a plan, not a promise.

And promises are made to be broken.  Especially your hyperactive 72-hour Jerry Lewis imitation.

It was fun and games until the lawsuit came chasing.

Lindell runs
Run Mike Run

The Right must extricate itself from the inept fog of this mentally imbalanced riff-raff that just happens to share some of their common political leanings; we need to embark on a serious mission to fight off the liberal overtake. It needs to be serious and mentally present. The schizophrenic antics of Trump fantasists serve as fodder to the left by which to blot the common perception of the right as perpetuated by mainstream culture. We live in a social web that is defined by the image of cognitive and emotional stability. The Trump Won crowd is no better than Trump Derangement Syndrome mob, something the left has been afflicted with for 5 years.

trump won

Step one is to discover and scout out a new rallying figure who combines Trump’s symbolism with gravitas and mental balance.

Maybe the Mental Right will follow suit.







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