Multicultural before it was cool

Multiracial boom reflects US racial, ethnic complexity explains the Independent’s headline introducing an article about America’s nouveau multiculturalism.

Now that genetic technology is easily accessible to the masses, we can see what has been there all along, lurking in our bloodlines: hundreds of years of modern global culture has created a mishmash of ethnic and racial genetic cross-over.

The multiracial boom reflects the complex racial and ethnic diversity of the U.S. It also may be the result of changes the U.S. Census Bureau made in processing responses that better capture diversity and how it asked about race and ethnicity in order to better reflect the nation’s changing mosaic, experts say.

In an age of easily accessible DNA testing kits, the growth reflects a deepening of the way Americans think about themselves when it comes to racial identity, experts say.

The only thing hindering such self-awareness is ignorance.

The opening paragraph illustrates that such ignorance has little to do with education.

For the 2010 Census, René D. Flores, a Mexican American college professor, marked his race as “white.”

Since then, a genealogy test revealed he has 43% Native American ancestry. He is among millions more people who now identify as having two or more races, or being multiracial.

“I hesitated before because I did not have the cultural upbringing when I was growing up. There are many millions of Americans that are feeling the same way,” Flores said.

A learned Mexican-American was surprised to learn he was largely Native American?

This article treats multiethnicity as a new phenomenon, but Mexico has been a simmering ethnic “melting pot” in plain sight long before the writer was born. The state of being “Mexican” is averring that you are built upon a snowflake admixture that drips into your genetic inheritance in dribs and drabs of varying percentages.

I had a high school teacher whose name I will not repeat on the outside chance he’s still alive and nearing 100. He once told us (his Social Studies class) that Mexico is a nation of bastards. At the time I had no idea what he was talking about, but now I understand he was right. Mixed breed is the unofficial race of Mexico. Almost all Mexicans have Native American genes along with a cornucopia of other global genetic puzzle pieces the Independent might have begun with, further south, in order to laud the original multiethnic “paradise” since that is the apparent agenda.

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