The Top of the Heap requires silent servitude

There is a tendency to look at this and immediately say something like, “We’re doomed.”

This world, it just has no chance, we shake our head.

These scenes ooze logic-defying waves of trashy mediocrity.

Let this sink in:

A Wednesday afternoon give-away raffle at a shoe store called “Shoe Palace” turns into a large fight, and an employee is shot to death trying to stop it.

Shoe Palace Melrose

Nothing reeks of urban dystopia more than this bleak event.

The world is doomed, but mostly for inner city folks of color. Browns shoot the blacks, blacks shoot the browns, and all possible variations of this palette happen every day. The doomed are the brown and black.

The white and asians do just fine, striving, succeeding, getting along, prospering. Sure, there are a few bad apples, but this doesn’t disprove the predominant social force.

The brown and black are not doing just fine. Mired in futility, violence, conflict and aimless obsolescence. And yes, there are many successful, accomplished browns and blacks, but this doesn’t disprove the predominant social force.

The world is doomed and it will assort itself just fine because after all, the law of the jungle will always predominate. The pretensions of equality and social justice that society dons is a cosmetic illusion that those on top of the heap spout in order to fulfill the conformist signal that, Hey, They Care. But the real story, the essential guts of the narrative that no one says, is that our species is hard-wired to employ a perpetual bottom-dwelling class of un-achievers and non-strivers; the top of the heap unofficially demands this class. And when the lower classes become too vocal and insistent upon being treated well, it’s easier to import lower classes who meekly swallow the misery.


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