Citizen Giuliani

I’ve abused Rudy too much.

I made this meme in December at the pinnacle of his downfall during the post-Election shit-show brought to us by Trump Circus Tours, Inc.

The Horror

Rudy was a remarkable guy in his heyday.  It feels as if it was about 75 years ago now.

The Right owes him a debt of gratitude.

But ever since he was lulled into the Trump Career/Reputation-Killing Machine, Rudy has not been the same. Drawn into the Trumpian miasma, he was ripped to shreds by insanity and indecipherable bumbling. Rudy was once stern and strong and now he is your pants-pissing vacant-eyed grandfather.

“The higher they fly…”
“He flew to close to the sun…”

Oh Rudy, you poor nut.

The Daily Mail is not averse to beating a man while he’s down.  And neither am I, apparently.

The news site screams with a healthy dose of damning hyperbole.

Rudy Giuliani joins Cameo and starts selling videos for $199 each after Trump campaign stopped paying him and the FBI raided his home

Giuliani announced he was joining the site in a 3 a.m. Tuesday Twitter post

His Cameo profile already reflects some interest from customers

He’s made at least one video, for a real estate agent in New Zealand

The latest money-making effort comes amid multiple reports that the former presidential candidate is under financial strain after attempts to help Trump

Nobody in the Trump orbit is reportedly willing to assist with his financial woes

Giuliani makes no mention of Donald Trump on his newly created Cameo profile

I would say Rudy has jumped the shark except in his case the shark was a church carnival straight-to-the-toilet goldfish. Rudy has aged raggedly and instead of embracing dignity and sagely gravitas, he’s succumbed to a suffocating clownishness that only works for 2 men out of 1,000, and Donald Trump sliced that statistic in half single-handedly.  And Rudy was not the other.  Not close.

Rudy Giuliani is peddling custom video messages for $199 each amid reports his ex-boss Donald Trump has been ignoring his pleas for help with mounting financial debts and after federal investigators raided his home.

The former New York City mayor posted on Twitter early Tuesday morning that he is ‘taking all Cameo requests,’ referring to a popular site where personalities can sell personalized messages in exchange for cash.

A Daily Beast report claims that aside from a sympathetic statement when Giuliani was disbarred, Trump and his associates have been silent in response to his longtime friend’s requests for help.

No top conservatives or players in Trump’s orbit have lifted a finger to assist in advertising fundraisers made to help Giuliani, the outlet reports.

Rudy is so alone, so alienated. He reminds me of another old man who shunned aging well for semi-lucid madness.

Old Citizen Kane


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