Fragility belongs to all

There are many dysfunctions and anti-evolutionary trends in today’s society that afflict both genders in equal measures, but genders being sharply distinguishable from each other and erected upon contrasting elements of nature, manifest differently for men and women. In today’s finger-pointing blame-the-other-guy culture, most of the dysfunctions are placed firmly in the laps of men.

So this, from a men’s restroom.


“Masculinity” is one of the most harangued gender traits today. If a man acts badly, the Feminitariat parrots the word “masculinity” in a reactive response while adding damning adjectives like toxic or fragile to lend a sense of grave danger to masculinity and emboldening its alleged pathology.

So a men’s restroom will obviously display “masculine fragility,” whatever that entails.  But I have news for you.

Fragility is a human trend, a cultural snowball that seizes everyone in its path, men and women alike. We live in fragile times. As technology’s exponential advancement steamrolls, human fragility increases in proportional measures. The baseline of human robustness (strength), that moment when it expressed its purest form, was that of primitive man, when physical power wielded social ranking as its human organizational tool. Technology is the broadest term describing the electrical coil of human interaction that condenses our interactions by removing the physical from survival.

We have reached a point in sociocultural evolution where fragility has subsumed humanity. Humans are increasingly “fragile.” We have molded technology to such an expert level that we have insulated ourselves largely from the demands of rudimentary existence. We have reached an evolved state where we are hedonistic interior beings confined to chairs and screens and disconnected sociality.  Our minds have caught up with our weak, flaccid bodies.

A fragile man cannot control his fury; a fragile man has no control. He is a child.

In the complementary dance of man and woman, the female is not unscathed. She too is fragile.

The fragile woman cannot control her ego nor the impulses restrained by higher level consciousness, ie, the maternal.

Humanity is fragile and the very act of overlooking this fact for petty personal agenda is the clearest symptom.

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