If Simone got the twisties, did Saint Boy get the “jumpies?”

Turns out there is some very insightful context to this story.  See at bottom, after post.


Saint Boy got issues.

But Saint Boy strong!

If she > Simon Biles

can get the twisties as explanation for her muscle memory’s stage fright, shouldn’t horses be allowed the same gracious escape?


An Olympic pentathlete was left in tears as her horse refused to jump and she plummeted from the gold medal position toward the bottom of the competition.

Germany’s Annika Schleu was left inconsolable when her horse, Saint Boy, would not take on any obstacles in the show jumping portion of the pentathlon.

Schleu was leading the event after the fencing and swimming competitions.

But her horse’s refusal to cooperate cost her dearly, and after scoring zero points she fell from first position to 31st out of 36 competitors with just two events left.

Saint Boy got cold hooves and was unable to follow through with a physical activity he has committed to his equine muscle memory. This is understandable and I certainly can’t even begin to comprehend the intricacies of such atmospheric athletic failings.

I suspect Saint Boy won’t receive a fraction of the syrupy commiseration and platitudinous back-patting the other 2021 Olympics victim of inopportune psychic breakdown did.

Saint Boy deserves some pity. He put personal safety first; unlike other athletes, he was responsible for his rider too.  We must honor Saint Boy’s strength for recognizing his own mental failing breakdown and not putting his ego ahead of his own physical well-being and that of Annika Schleu’s.

For this he is to be commended.


Interesting background:

A German modern pentathlon coach has been kicked out of the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan after she allegedly punched a horse during a show jumping event on Friday.

Kim Raisner has been disqualified from the 2020 games following a review from the sport’s international governing body amid social media criticism.

The International Modern Pentathlon Union, known by the French acronym UIPM, issued Raisner with a black card on Saturday following the incident involving German pentathlete Annika Schleu and the horse named Saint Boy.

Schleu struggled to control Saint Boy, who had previously proven difficult for Russian pentathlete Gulnaz Gubaydullina and had refused to jump for her.

Raisner, who had competed in the pentathlon at the 2004 Olympics in Athens, Greece, attempted to help Schleu when the alleged punching incident occurred.

Saint Boy suffered physical abuse. How’s that for a sympathy trigger?






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