The “non-compliant fearless” – the COVID industry’s next obstacle

Amid all the duplicity and totalitarian double-speak, an emboldened CNN comes out and says it. They lay bare the game plan.


George Orwell would be proud.  Or at least redeemed.

Endless wars suffocate open society.
Endless variants do the same.

But COVID-19 is a semi-intangible threat to those who have not experienced its dire results personally. Without fear, there is no sublimation.

A military war, on the other hand, is tangible. Weapons, artillery fire, air raid sirens, soldiers – all the markers of war are plainly apparent and directly threaten our personal well-being. There is less required of powers-that-be to instill fear of war. Instilling fear-of-virus requires more finesse, more gobbledygook of an abstract and indecipherable scientific nature.

CNN and all other mainstream outlets comply with this scheme. Fear is the motivator when properly wielded and they contribute to the mass hypnosis.

So what does work to get more people to take the vaccine?

One answer seems clear in the polling and in the real world: fear. Fear of getting the virus and of losing freedoms looks like it motivates people to get vaccinated.

Are we supposed to see the playbook spelled out so obviously? Shouldn’t it be redacted?  Ultimately, it doesn’t matter.  It’s a win-win for the government. The mainstream conformist mentality is fomented by cultural leaders and to doubt or question is to be labeled a lunatic or extremist. They can openly flaunt their strategy in our face without fear of dissent, for dissent is marginalized.

Fear is the most powerful muzzle in a fractured society.

The correlation here is clear enough, and the polling buffers the idea of a real connection.

The jump in vaccinations is happening as concern about the virus is rising once again. In Monmouth University polling, for example, concern that someone in your family would catch the virus jumped 11 points from June to late July. The Axios/Ipsos poll showed a similar trend with concern about the virus jumping in early August to its highest level since April.

Fear sells conformity and numb obedience.  Fear is implanted slowly, drop by drop.  It builds and solidifies until we find that the din is deafening and fear is all we know.

Fear porn

I have no issues with vaccines, per se. People should have the right to vaccinate or to not to vaccinate without the fear of high school ostracization games. I am vaccinated but I recognize this was entirely my own choice and no one else’s.

Weaponized fear spreads into all aspects of life and taints our collective sense of autonomy.  The opportunistic master class, smelling the blood of relinquished rights and liberties, does not reverse course once the problem is “gone.”  The master class instead maintains course and accelerates speed. Fear is the the glue of society’s stranglehold – fear mires us while tyrants spin their web.

The article concludes:

Of course, there will always be people who won’t get vaccinated no matter what. About half of America’s unvaccinated adult population say they’ll never get a vaccine. The key is to convince the other half who aren’t vaccinated yet to get it. Fear does seem to be working with them.

This is the practice of passive fear: reinforcing existing conditions through inflation of the unknown and manipulation of facts.

How soon before the next stage of fear: designed fear, the deliberate creation of conditions whose result is fear. Particularly useful when a large portion of the population is non-compliant fearless.


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