No Greek love for Colombia

There’s is a novel chimeric mutation that has sprung up in the wild.  Combining the stern objectivity of science and the capricious emotional dictates of overly cautious society, we get this:

We named these seven U.S. lineages after common birds—“robin,” for example, and “pelican” —to help us distinguish and track them, and also to avoid creating prejudice by naming them after the areas where they were first detected.

And rhetorically I belabor the point. Are we such a simple-minded dullard society that we lack measures of critical thinking and nuanced intelligence to not comprehend that viruses are elemental organisms without agenda or conscious strategy? As I wrote the other day, I do believe variants are the offspring of regions for a reason, but that is only the human embodiment of the virus I speak of. The viral organism exists in an ecosystem that belongs to no nation, so who cares where it was first detected.  Are we going to whitewash all news that is detrimental to a region’s reputation?

“In today’s news, swarms of Epsilon [ethnicity] stormed Omicron [capital city center] and scores of military guards and protestors died in the melee.”

If we extrapolate the logic that names viruses non-geographically to avoid butthurt, all bad news should avoid naming country, region, ethnicity or city. Let’s neutralize all knowledge so inauspicious facts are not affiliated with groups, thus creating prejudice.

Prejudice is bad.

And yet…they drag their feet and villainize Colombia.

Seven residents of a nursing home in Belgium have died after being infected with the Colombian variant of the coronavirus, despite being fully vaccinated, the virology team that conducted tests said on Friday.

What did poor Colombia do to escape the warm embrace of Woke?

It’s not like there hasn’t been ample time to come up with the next hot Greek letter of the moment.

Not Colombian


The fine people of Colombia must rise against this oppressive categorization. They had nothing to do with 7 dead Belgians.

It was the Kung Flu that did them in. Which is the reason for this ridiculous naming fixation. It’s all about Trump. It’s an anti-Trump backlash that has caused the left and the WHOke to politicize the most mundane aspects of non-political society.

One wonders what will last longer: Trump derangement or SARS2?


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