Tik Tok star, Riana, takes a disingenuous stand on the streets of NYC

In today’s social media-ized environment of real-time Me in which everyone’s opinions share intimate mental space, people be flagrantly opinionated as shit.

Everyone has an agenda and we will all know about it.  Kinda like me, here at tragic dog video.

In the realm of women, the dynamic is amplified about 50-fold because women must talk, they must emote, they must express and they must attention whore. They are women, after all. Give them a channel, a broadcast voice, a camera, and they are the stars of their own stage show. Women are natural performers.  Histrionics are embedded in their genetic template.

Like Tik Tokker rianasingh from NYC who went for a self-righteous honeypot stroll in the city, waiting for the first opportunity to mount the podium and make her Strong Girl speech.

In the world of blue collared “working Joes,” this is a given and hardly to be construed by a sane person as threatening.

Nevertheless, Riana is taking a bold stand against good-natured cheerful guys whose confidence and extroversion technically imply a sense of daytime security. A guy who is secure enough to say things like “damn girl” to strange women is hardly the prototypical rapist shadow lurker.

But as she walked past a group of men wearing hi-vis jacket, she captures one of them saying “damn baby.” This time she didn’t let it slide, as she turns back to him and challenges him. She says: “Do you think that actually works? Does it look like I want to have someone talk to me right now?”

He’s seemingly taken aback, and she repeated herself saying: “I just said does it look like I want to have someone talk to me right now.

“Like saying damn baby. Like do you guys have children or daughters, because if I had a daughter, I wouldn’t want some man at like, what is it 8:30 a.m., to go up to her when she’s by herself.

“She probably feels like there’s not a lot of women on these streets, it’s like kind of uncomfortable. So I like, appreciate the work you guys do, like you guys are building the city literally, but I just don’t want someone to say damn baby to me in the morning like that.”

Whether Riana admits it, or is even aware of the subtle psychological manipulations born of her female wiles, this sanctimonious scolding of the hard helmet guys is the safest posturing possible and serves a purely cosmetic function which will sate her attention whoredom well across the communal media platforms of a primed audience.

Riana is a star
my name is riana and my #1 interest is myself


The workers are openly appreciative of females; what is horrible about that?  These are not the type to be hiding anything up their testosterone sleeves.  What happened to that fun sense of “play” that used to define flirtation?  Now women have chips on their shoulders.

Why doesn’t brave, strong Riana search down sinister Wall Street yuppie-boy types whose idea of appreciation is a roofie-laced Cosmopolitan and little unconscious bedplay. Or a better idea:  why doesn’t she parade her supple legs up and down the back alleys of NYC looking for bearded homeless men whose derangement precludes them from any sort of open display of harmless flirtation?    I’d like to see her mount that podium.

Riana is just a pussy. Literally.


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