The Lollapalooza vaccine-resistant Variant’s doomsday festival

A real mouthful in this day and age of many such babbles.

I’m slightly fixated on variant names, I’ll admit. It’s my pet compulsion, sorry. The Greek letter convention absolves guilt and responsibility. If a variant is born in a nation or region, it is largely indicative of a cultural failing.  I don’t care what the rationalizations of the modern Identitarian assures about the matter with the aim to disguise culpability behind Sigma and Delta and Gamma and other Homerian denotations.

This “look the other way”  cherry picking by cultural bosses-of-COVID foments distrust, cynicism and paranoia.  Hundreds of thousands of people crammed into an outdoor venue is OK;  religious services and motorcycle rallies are not.

This dialog is nurtured by the cult of vaccine shills.


full vaccination

But, but…science, bitches.

We’re expected to trust the science but wasn’t this the same science that recently observed vaccinated people are capable of carrying full viral loads?  That’s the scare-fact of the week and next week we may be told the opposite by another flock of “experts.”

The latest virus scare-fact is that it is this very viral load taxied around by millions of vaccinated people which may potentially spawn a vaccine-resistant mutation. So I deduce that Lollapalooza, by requiring vaccines and greedily allowing 100,000 people to intermingle for 3 days, might create the dynamic that helps spawn a “ground zero” effect. In the spirit of naming variants as a mark of shame, “Lollapalooza vaccine-resistant Variant” certainly makes sense, but I’m also toying with the “Hypocrisy Variant.”

It’s all very confusing and dizzying when it’s the germs that are the only constant in this mess.




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