NIH’s Francis Collins feeds conspiracies one variant at a time

Nice going there, Dr. Collins.

Dr. Francis Collins

Scientist types are a quirky sort. The pandemic has illustrated one thing: the archetype persists. Scientists become fossilized in the factual geologic slabs of data and facts while discarding the unknowable chaos of social intelligence.

Despite mainstream society’s harsh, condescending fixation with those who purvey conspiratorial COVID-19 interpretations, scientists don’t seem overly privy to the workings of the tin foil hat underground because their tone deaf articulation of the “science” is inadvertently primed to arouse the conspiracists. They repeatedly stick their nerdy little feet in their mouths and say things which trigger the hell out of the tin foil crowd.

Case in point.

Dr. Francis Collins, Director of the NIH, went on Fox News Sunday and explained a sparse scientific observation which critical thinkers will understand at face value, but which, due to its semantic ambiguousness, threatens to unleash a cavalcade of conspiratorial mongering.

Look, doc. Of course it’s not literally the same virus but it is still SARS2. It is the same COVID-19 virus. Its Darwinian configuration has altered slightly and thus its expression and interaction with our immune system is altered as well. The conspiracists eat this up, though. They will tailor news bits like this to suit their wild narratives, one of them being that the “elites” are unleashing multiple viruses and calling them COVID-19.  It’s part of the dark, sinister plot to [fill in the blank] mankind.

Nothing like a little clueless scientific double entendre to get the tin foil charging.


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