A forgettable trilogy

Introducing the “Asides” category. Because sometimes words are not enough and they are too much.

The sinister

The description of “Tik Tok star” would have been so weirdly abstract if someone said it like even 5 years ago. I’m old and I’m a little new to the concepts of “influencer” and “followers.”   I didn’t hop aboard that caravan until recently because, 1) I don’t care about popularity, probably a PTSD effect of having been a socially ostracized creepoid during my grade school years, and, 2) I don’t have a smart phone, and don’t plan on having one, which effectively precludes one from joining the world of real-time, reality-meets-online reality digitized social interaction.  On my desktop, I use developer tools to emulate Instagram as if I had an iPhone 10 or whatever other over-priced piece of portable computing crap people use, but the online world of popularity interests me not at all.

So there was this influencer, an online “celebrity,” Anthony Barajas, from Corona, California.  He had recently begun a friendship with Rylee Goodrich, also from Corona.  Barajas had almost a million followers and his handle on Tik Tok was itsanthonymichael.  He and Goodrich were on a first date last Monday night.  Barajas took Rylee to her favorite restaurant for dinner and then to a local theater to see a late showing of “The Forever Purge.”   Sometime during the movie, another local, Joseph Jimenez, simply shot Anthony and Rylee in the head.   He might have done this during one of the gunfire scenes because none of the 3 other patrons noticed or heard the real gunfire (how’s that for a sound system).  The couple was not discovered until the movie was over when a worker found them during clean up.  Goodrich died immediately and Barajas died on Saturday.

Police claim Jimenez had no ties to the couple but it is remarkably coincidental that a bizarre remote shooting at such an off-hour would pinpoint a “high-profile” person.  Why didn’t he shoot any of the other 3 people in that empty theater?


Kane vs. Kane

Evander Kane is a rare Dot of Color in the stormy whiteout that is the NHL.  The San Jose Sharks’ forward has at times made the obligatory comments about equality and racism in the NHL.  Hockey is a different, northern world, a distinct negative print of the NBA.  It’s allowable to note the NHL has a race problem, but no one dares utter the same of the NBA.  Besides speaking out about being a stranger in a strange land, Kane also likes gambling.  Apparently he stiffed a Las Vegas casino in 2019 to the tune of $500,000 for his gambling forays, something which earned him a lawsuit.  Recently his wife, Anna, posted some inflammatory Instagram “insider” knowledge.  She claimed Evander threw hockey games and that he had a gambling addiction.  She wondered how the league could allow a player to bet on his own games.

Evander explains that he and his wife are in the middle of divorce and that she is suffering mental problems.   That is possible and high-stakes divorces induce dramatic pronouncements and berserk behavior.  Anna’s accusations are vast and one wonders if she would publicly proclaim such slander if it wasn’t true.  But women will be women and their verbal assaults frequently have no boundaries.


The ungodly profit

The pandemic fear porn continues.  It’s been issuing in such varied iterations and flavors that you can find many, many MSM examples, each unique in their own way, but the common flavor persists:  the virus is bad and we are doomed, and mostly, it’s cuz of unvaccinated.

This article is jargon-heavy for a normie news outlet.  It’s as if they are pounding their timid little chests with epidemiological big words in order to drive a point home:  this is serious shit!

Between all the lines and words and esoteric concepts, the bottom line is that COVID-19 is a fierce mutational adversary and scientists don’t know when, but they do know if, it will mutate into a version that is untouchable by available vaccines.  The doomsday scenario is the new spin.  As the virus is spread by vaccinated individuals it continues to evolve into fitter versions of itself and eventual vaccine failure is headed our way.

You know what the scandal of the century is?

The COVID vaccines, in their introductory, accelerated form, were not intended to rid the world of SARS2.  They were only intended to dampen its profit-killing effects so we could limp back into a precarious existence where we could minimally recharge a faltering consumer economy.  The vaccine was designed to keep us alive just enough to make money and spend money, at a very minimal baseline.  COVID Vaccines, V.1, are therapeutics, not cures.  The new fear porn fact is that vaccinated people can carry full vaccine loads;  the vaccine does not prevent a thing.  It lessens and manages.

Vaccinated people freely exchange the virus with other vaccinated and this it the hotbed environment for mutational vaccine resistance.

“Conspiracy” fringe types have warned of this, long before the latest bout of fear porn from mainstream society.  Half-assed, for profit vaccines, are rendering themselves useless.  Pharmaceuticals banked on half-information and collective ignorance and the gambit paid off.






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