We are enslaved by fear, and fear is the hand of tyranny

We are slaves to fear.

But I wonder if future generations will reap the gift of reparations for our indentured servitude to the dictatorial “pandemicists” who are assaulting our minds and souls with persistent fear porn.

Headlines scream, the media gleefully enabling Fear.

The next Covid variant could kill up to one in THREE people: SAGE warns doomsday scenario is ‘realistic possibility’ and UK’s vaccine roll-out may even speed up mutant strain’s emergence

Holy crap!
That is some seriously frightening stuff.

But it’s not, really.  Read critically.  Don’t submit blindly.  It’s very mundane. COVID-19, of SARS viral lineage, is compared with its deadlier sibling, MERS, which had a kill rate in the 30’s.

So COVID-19 could potentially turn to the dark side; it runs in the family genes.

A doomsday new Covid variant that could kill up to one in three people is a ‘realistic possibility’, according to the Government’s top scientists.

Documents published by the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) today warned a future strain could be as deadly as MERS — which which has a case fatality rate of 35 per cent — could be on the way.

No10’s expert panel It said the likelihood of the virus mutating is highest when it is most prevalent — as is currently the case in Britain.

And a downside of Britain’s hugely successful vaccine drive, it appears the country’s greater levels of immunity could help speed up the process.

Scientists said Britain should bring in booster vaccine doses over the winter, minimise new variants coming from abroad and consider culling animals — including minks and even cats, which can harbour the virus — to prevent the mutant strain occurring.

Let us mention that a CFR of 35% will probably mute the viral spread a bit.

Fear is pounded down our throats and though many won’t succumb, a great many will, and there is no ferocity greater than of one stricken by fear. It makes for a great motivator of illogic; politicians and elites respond with overreach and emotive hysteria. Fear creates drastic measures which leave those of us with level minds aghast.

Society will devolve as much as the most fearful will allow. And we have a ways to go.

Chicken Little



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