Dr. Leon Haley, Pfizered in December, dead in July. Got any theories…?

Update at end of story

Cue the anti-vaxx hysterics!

UF Health has announced the passing of Dr. Leon L. Haley Jr., the UF Health Jacksonville CEO.

Dr. Haley was the first Black CEO of UF Health.

Oh, in case you’re wondering about Dr. Haley.

Last December, he was one of the early Pfizered.

Dr. Leon Haley
Look ma!


December 14, 2020 at 5:56 pm EST
By ActionNewsJax.com News Staff
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The CEO of UF Health Jacksonville is believed to be the first person in the state of Florida to receive the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine.

Dr. Leon Haley Jr. was the first of a group of 10 front-line health care workers at UF Health Jacksonville who got vaccinated on Monday morning.


Nothing fuels paranoia and pessimistic pattern-spinning like a death that is rendered mysterious by silence.

Haley tweet a

Paranoia and conspiracy are elevated amid compulsive levels of pattern recognition. Many times truth is not revealed directly. It is hinted surreptitiously and must be assembled like a hidden puzzle. The problem with conspiracies is that the heightened perceptions create many false positives and some of the unveiled “truths” tend to confound logic and reason, so conspiracists tend to marginalize themselves in the face of vast, conformist culture.

In the case of Dr. Leon Haley, I agree there is righteous curiosity to be had. He appeared to be relatively healthy and fit. Now he’s dead, 8 months after being vaccinated. Nothing will inflame tin foil passions like secrecy.  Secrecy insinuates that there is something to hide and some are more than happy to take the bait.

This posthumous untangling of untimely deaths from those adjacent to vaccine circles is the bread and butter of the COVID-19 conspiracists. This is legitimate inquiry.  A statistic I’m curious about, but have yet to find, is the mortality rate for those who have received the vaccines contrasted with mortality rates for the general population. I would like to see the mortality rates among population groupings that have been vaccinated since December. This offers 8 months of data which is more than enough to draw strong conclusions.

The public is not entitled to private information regarding Haley’s death. But lacking such information, pattern-recognizers will do what they do best, and sinister theories will blossom. By enabling conspiracy narratives to continue unchallenged, authorities are enabling the very skepticism they villainize.

Sadly, even if Haley’s cause of death is revealed to have nothing to do with the vaccine, the conspiracy crowd will remain undeterred. They will continue drawing the bullseye around their Doomed arrow.   The real conspiracy is this: why does the government and vaccine industry do nothing to address conspiracy narratives?  Why do they actively behave in manners that allow conspiracies to flourish? Dig into this rabbit hole and we might find something very unsettling…


The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission released a statement Sunday regarding the death of Dr. Haley.

The FWC said Dr. Haley died after being ejected from a jetski in the Palm Beach Inlet, South jetty. Dr. Haley was found in the water, wearing a life jacket, and was transported to the hospital, the FWC said.


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